Archers Glossary



Handicap A system used in the UK at club and national level to allow archers of all levels to compete equally against each other. Handicap tables are available from Archery GB
Handicap Allowance The number relative to ones handicap which when added to ones score makes it possible for a beginner to beat an archer of greater experience in a handicap shoot.
Handle The centre section of the bow less the limbs. Also the part you hold.
Hanger An arrow that has not stuck in the boss but instead hangs from the target face.
Heeling When an archer places pressure too low on the grip, maybe caused by too low a wrist position.
Holding Maintaining full draw whilst aiming.



Instinctive shooting Shooting without the aid of sights.




The person responsible for the implementation of the rules of shooting at a tournament, also when requested will make a decision on any line cutter calls.



Kisser Button A small disc attached to the bow string above the nocking point, usually located in the corner of ones mouth as a reference point for a consistent anchor.



Lady Paramount The official in charge of a tournament and usually presents the trophy's
Launcher see Arrow Launcher
Let down

To return the bow to the position before being drawn without releasing the bow string.

Limbs The flexible part of a bow above and below the handle that stores energy when the bow is drawn and released into the arrow when loosed.
Line cutter An arrow in the target face that is either touching or has cut the dividing line between two scoring zones, and is scored at the higher score of the two zones.
Long bow Traditional type of bow made from either a single wood stave or two and joined at the handle. The staves are shaped to form a "D" section and tapered from the handle to the tips of the limbs, and either have horn nocks fitted to the limb tips or self nocks cut into the limbs.
Long rod The longest of the stabiliser rods, fitted to the back of the bow below the grip.
Loose To let go of the bowstring at full draw, ideally by relaxation of the fingers holding the bow string.



M.B. Master Bowman. The Second highest Archery GB, Classification for an archer in the UK.
Mediterranean loose The style of loose used by most finger release archers, and consists of placing two fingers below the arrow and one above.
Mongolian loose A style of loose where the thumb is used to hold the string and is locked in place by the forefinger, a thumb ring is worn to protect the thumb from the string.

The above is for information only and as such no guarantee is given as to the accuracy or use of this glossary.

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